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Private Dining

I can help plan your perfect at home dinner for special occasions or accompany you on your next holiday and take the stress away from cooking for your loved ones so that you can relax.

Weekly In-Home Cooking

Once a week cooking to fill your fridge or freezer. Contact me for pricing, menus and availability.

Cookery Class Parties

Stuck for ideas for your next get together? Always feeling left out because of your specific food and dietary needs?

I can design a cookery class party just for you and your loved ones, to accommodate any special needs. 

Gift Cards

First few days with a baby. Buy the gift of time and well-being for a friend or relative. I will cook 5 meals for the new parents, in their own to their specification. 


Nutritionally Balanced Meal Plans

A meal plan can greatly improve your success in achieving a nutritional or health goal. That might be increasing fibre or protein or reducing calories, carbohydrates, or fat. You may have a health reason to eat a certain way, or your nutritionist may have recommended you follow a certain diet. As chef who is accredited in Nutrition in Culinary Practice, I can convert those needs into a 5-day meal plan, bringing personalised elements of your likes, dislikes and your health goals into account.


Having a meal plan designed specific to your goals means breakfast, lunch, dinner snacks and drinks will be planned out for you, meeting your specific nutritional needs. It will include:

Your target macros per day (protein, carbohydrate, and fat)

Recommended Nutritional Intake (RNI) per day for vital minerals and vitamins based on guidelines or your nutritionist’s advice


A summary of meals for the week


Macros and calories for each meal


Recipe for each meal, adapted for your family set up


A shopping list for the week

Depending on the package you choose I can grant you access to my secure professional mobile app for tracking your intake, exercise, and nutrients, customised to you and which includes my custom recipes


A variety of packages are available to suit your needs, please do contact me  for further information.

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