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Valentines Dine at Home

Food Packaging

Friday Night Health Aways

About Renu B

Private Chef Renu Ballantine caters for bespoke dinners, daily in home cheffing, cooking classes or parties as well as the creation of healthy meal plans and nutritional food coaching, in Surrey and Greater London.


Creating nutritionally balanced, local produce led, personal dining experiences, my services are tailor made with bespoke menus and coaching to suit every individual client’s needs and style.


Eating the rainbow is a great way to ensure essential vitamins and minerals are consumed naturally.


Home grown herbs and vegetables keep the food miles down


This Artichoke, Pea and Mint Salad is packed full of 17g fibre. We should aim to eat 30g of fibre a day.

renu 7.jpg

Going meat free doesn’t mean food has to be taste free. A curry, be - it black chickpeas like the one here, has all the flavour and still delivers on must needed protein.


Seasonal and Local, provides the best taste

renu 11.jpg

A Lamb Biryani feast, one of my families’ favourites.

renu 12.jpg

Raw vegan food, when nutritionally balanced can be beneficial for us and the environment.

How I can help...

Stuck for a celebration idea? A special meal cooked for  your friends and family can be a fantastic alternative in the relaxed environment of your home. 

Do you have special dietary needs? Chef Renu B can help design a bespoke menu for your dinner party taking your food intolerances, allergies and dietary lifestyle into account.

Gift Certificates are a great way to give the gift of fine food and time, such as a new parent.

Meal plans designed and balanced around your nutritional needs can help you stay on track for your health. 


Our catering

Whether its for a special dinner party, filling your fridge / freezer for those first few days with a new baby or providing a whole week’s worth of meals, Chef Renu B has the menu for you. She can also  cater in your holiday home, in the UK or abroad, provide cookery demonstrations, parties, and classes, and develop healthy weekly meal plans, bespoke to your lifestyle and nutritional needs.

Chef Renu B has trained at Leiths School of Food and Wine, with NCET Accreditations in Nutrition in Culinary Practice ( NiCP) and Accreditations in Chefs Skills and has 4 years of Private Chef experience.  

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